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PX Lepto Rodent Disinfectant Concentrate

PX Lepto Rodent Disinfectant Concentrate

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  • Supplied in 1 litre and 5 litre concentrate bottles Contains Chlorhexidine (6% w/w) & QAC (8% w/w)
  • Disinfectant for sanitising rodent droppings, urine, nesting materials, carcasses
  • Hantavirus can lead to haemorrhagic fever in humans and is believed to be contracted by contact with or inhalation of dust from rodent droppings or urine
  • Leptospira spp, which cause Leptospirosis (a.k.a. Weil’s disease) are carried by 14% of rats and 80% of mice
  • Salmonella spp can survive in rat faeces for up to 86 days
  • E. coli has been recovered from rodent faeces for over 36 weeks
DI005-1 - PX Lepto Disinfectant for Rodent Control - 1 Litre Concentrate£15.99Litre ex.VAT
DI005-5 - PX Lepto Disinfectant for Rodent Control - 5 Litre Concentrate£75.205 Litres ex.VAT


PX-Lepto will kill those bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viral organisms identified as being associated with diseases transferred by pest rodents to humans and animals. Rodents are implicated in the transfer of a number pathogenic microorganisms including, Leptospira spp (Leptospirosis/Weil's disease) E coli, Salmonella spp and Hantavirus.

PX-Lepto will help protect workers who are involved in clean up operations to remove rodent contamination. Disinfection with PX-Lepto in areas of rodent activity protects the health and safety of humans and animals, by reducing the risk of contracting rodent-bourne diseases.


As a biocide on surfaces: Use a 1:50 dilution of the products in clean water. ie. dilute 100ml with 5 litres of water and mop, wipe or spray over the surfaces using a 5 litre pneumatic sprayer fitted with a flat fan nozzle. This solution may be used on areas where rodents are or were active as a preventative measure to protect workers operating on such surfaces

Removing rodent contamination: Use a 1:10 dilution of the product in clean water and spray over the droppings and contaminated areas prior to the commencement of clean up operations. During the cleaning operation spray the solution on to droppings and the surrounding area to keep down dust and kill organisms. Use 1:10 dilution to treat dead rodents and as a final spray on clean surfaces. Allow a 10 minute minimum contact time of the solution with surfaces and materials.

Treatment of contaminated materials:

Use a 1:10 dilution to wipe over the outer surfaces of re-usable PPE equipment eg. gloves, goggles, boots and to treat the outer surface of spray tanks.

Use a 1:10 dilution to treat contaminated implements

Treatment of sub-surfaces: At the end of a clean up operation spray the exposed, cleaned surfaces with a 1:10 dilution of PX-Lepto

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