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StopRat by PestFix
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Baited Rat Trap
Bayer Racumin Foam Contact Rodenticide
Bell Laboratories Contrac Blox 28g Bromadiolone Block
Bell Laboratories Contrac Rodenticide - Loose Pellets
Bell Laboratories Contrac Rodenticide Pellets - 50g Sachets
Bell Laboratories Contrac Super Blox 225g Bromadiolone Block X 40
Bell Labs DETEX BLOX With Lumitrack
Beta Box Rat Bait Station - Polypropylene
Black Pearl Mouse Killer Grain Bait 10g Alphachloralose Sachets UK-2014-0869
Black Pearl Mouse Killer Paste Bait 10g Alphachloralose Sachets UK-2014-0870
Brush Strips 180 Degree
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Cardboard Rodenticide Mouse Box- 10 Pack - Indoor Use Only
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Deadline® Bromadiolone Perforated 50g Sachets PSD106
Deadline® Bromadiolone Whole Grain Bait PSD73
Deadline® Difenacoum Paste Bait 300g Tube PSD94
Deadline® Difenacoum Whole Grain Bait PSD99
Digrain Disinfectant Concentrates
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Expanding Foam Applicator Gun Cleaner
Expanding Foam Applicator Guns
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Fluorescent Rodent Tracking Dust
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Jade Block Rat and Mouse Killer 20g Bromadiolone Blocks
Jade Cluster Grain Bromadiolone Cereal Block Rat and Mouse Killer
Jade Grain Rat and Mouse Killer 100g Bromadiolone Sachets
Jade Grain Rat and Mouse Killer Bromadiolone
Jade Paste Rat and Mouse Killer 10g Bromadiolone Sachets
JCP Gun Grade Expanding Foam
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Live Catch Mouse Trap - Twin Pack
Lodi Mouse Bait Station - 4 Pack
Lodi Rodenticide Bait Tray - Indoor Use Only
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Microbait Key (Fits ST042)
Microbait Steel Mouse Bait Station Black
Mini Grabber
MouseMesh Air Brick Covers
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O Dose Odour Neutraliser (makes 250 litres)
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Pest Stop Small House Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
PestFix Bait Box UniKey
PestFix Bullet Rat Bait Station
PestFix Mouse Bait Station
PestFix SnapBox Mouse Bait Station Accepts Snap Trap
Pest-Stop Electronic Mouse Killer
Pest-Stop Electronic Rat Killer
Power Kill Mouse Snap Trap by VICTOR®
Power Kill Rat Snap Trap by VICTOR®
Protecta EVO LANDSCAPE Rat Bait Box by Bell Labs
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Quick Click Mouse Trap - Twin Pack
Quick Click Rat Trap
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Rabbit Netting 31mm Mesh 60cm x 50m Roll
RACO Force Paste Pre-Baited Mouse Station UK-2013-0727
RACO Grain Bait Rat Killer 100g Packs
RACO Pro Paste Pre-baited Mouse Station X 2 UK-2013-0727
RACO Pro Paste Rat and Mouse Killer Sachets
RACO ProBlock Pre Baited Rat Station UK-2012-0600
RACO ProBlock Rat and Mouse Killer
Rat Cage Trap
Rat Glue Board Trap
Rat Snap Trap by RACO
ROMAX Standard Rat Bait Box
ROMAX B Rat and Mouse Killer Whole Wheat
ROMAX D Block Bait
ROMAX D Rat and Mouse Killer Whole Wheat
ROMAX D Rat and Mouse Killer Whole Wheat 50g Sachets
ROMAX DP Difenacoum Paste Cartridge
ROMAX DP Pasta Sachets
ROMAX Insect Floor
ROMAX Mouse Box - 4 Pack
ROMAX Pre-Baited Glue Pads
ROMAX Rat Bait Tube
ROMAX Rat CP Coumatetralyl Bait Blocks
ROMAX Rodent Seal
ROMAX Secure Rodenticide Rat Bait Box
Romax SNAP-R Mouse Trap
ROMAX Venom Lipogel Rat and Mouse Killer Brodifacoum
ROMAX Venom Pasta Brodifacoum Sachets
ROMAX Venom Rat and Mouse Killer Brodifacoum Blocks
ROMAX Venom Wheat Brodifacoum
Ruby Block Rat and Mouse Killer 20g Difenacoum Blocks
Ruby Grain Rat and Mouse Killer Difenacoum
Ruby Grain Rat and Mouse Killer Difenacoum Sachets
Ruby Paste Rat and Mouse Killer 10g Difenacoum Sachets
Ruby Paste Tube Difenacoum Rat and Mouse Killer UK-2013-0698
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Sapphire Grain Brodifacoum Single Feed Rat and Mouse Killer UK-2015-0900
Sapphire Paste 10g Brodifacoum Sachets
SNAP-R Rat Snap Trap by ROMAX
SolarFix - Solar Panel Mesh - 25mm X 25mm X 250mm X 30m 19G 304 Stainless Steel
SolarFix - Solar Panel Mesh Clips
SolarFix 30m Solar Panel Bird Exclusion Kit
Sonic Mouse and Rat Repeller
Sonic Mouse and Rat Repeller x 3
Soudafoam 1K B3 Expanding Foam Gap Filler 500ml
STUF-FIT Copper Mesh Wire
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The Big Cheese Strongbox Rat Bait Station
The Big Cheese Trap Bait For Rats and Mice
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Ultrabait Vandal Resistant Steel Bait Stations
Ultraviolet Black Light Tracking Torch
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VICTOR Electronic Rat Trap
Victor Tin Cat Mouse Glue Traps - 6 pack
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Weldmesh 12.5mm X 25mm 16G Prime Galvanised Steel Mesh
Weldmesh 25mm X 25mm 15G Galvanised Steel Mesh Rolls
Weldmesh 50mm x 50mm 14G Galvanised Steel Mesh
Weldmesh Clips Galvanised
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Yard Guard Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
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