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400th Hawk Kite Ships From PestFix 02/09/2013

PestFix is proud to announce that we shipped our 400th Hawk Kite Kit in August 2013.

The Hawk Kite bird scaring system is a relatively new product that started life as an agricultural product. It was developed by a farmer from the United Kingdom in his spare time during the evenings and weekends.

PestFix "launched the kite" into the urban bird control sector 2 years ago, in August 2011. Since its launch sales have steadily increased as the Hawk Kite's reputation has established itself in the Uk pest control market.

The Hawk Kite bird scaring system has now been adopted by several major UK pest control servicing companies as their go-to product for automated bird scaring as the kite is highly realistic and, due to its constant motion, is a deterrent that pest birds seldom acclimatise to over time.

These hugely popular bird scaring systems are still manufactured in the UK by the same (now very busy Farmer!) from high quality materials and should not be confused with the cheaper imported kites that use shorter and inferior quality masts.

Hawk Kite kits are quick and easy to assemble and require no training to use, giving immediate and sustained results in both urban and agricultural environments.

How does it work? Hawk kites mimick the behaviour of a hunting bird of prey by weaving and hovering above the ground at a height of between 7 - 10m.

Birds of prey are "Raptors" that kill using their talons, despite sporting fearsome looking beaks. As a result, for a raptor to be able to kill a bird it has to be above that target bird so that it can dive down and seize the bird in it's talons.

Pest birds such as pigeons, starlings and crows have an in-built reaction mechanism, that instinctively kicks-in when they encounter such a predator. This survival mechanism stops them flying near or landing underneath the predator, to avoid becoming their next meal. As a result, Hawk Kites work very well at keeping large flat areas free from pest birds, such as landfill, industrial roofs, playing fields and crops .

Hawk Kites can be utilised to scare pest birds off a diverse range of areas man-made structures, arable crops, vineyards, golf courses, playing fields / sports pitches, car sales lots and landfill / waste management sites.

A full kit includes kite, telescopic pole and line, and a ground plate.

A full range of spares is available.

Whilst Hawk Kites are low maintenance, they should not be left out in high winds above Force 6

Each kite protects approximately 20 acres of flat land

Hawk Kites can be used in conjunction with a bio-acoustic deterrent for added effect

Call our sales team on +44 (0)1903 538 488 to order or for further information.


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