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How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies 18/10/2017

Do you suddenly have a swarm of flies in your home or business premises? Then you may have an infestation of cluster flies.

What are they?
Cluster flies are very similar to the house fly. They are large (7mm), black-coloured flies also known by the scientific name, ‘pollenia rudis’. You will recognise them by the distinct lines or stripes you see behind the head and the golden-coloured hairs on the thorax.

They live outside in the summer months but come the autumn and the chillier weather, they move inside. They have a tendency to cluster in large numbers inside attics, wall cavaties and high-up spaces – hence the name. Unlike house flies, cluster flies do not reproduce when they are indoors, and they are not a health hazard to humans because they do not lay eggs in human food.

However, that does not stop them being a nuisance. When the flies enter houses to hibernate in the autumn, they congregate in large numbers and are difficult to get rid of because they like inaccessible spaces. You will often catch sight of them in the windows of rooms that are not used very often and they are strongly attracted to light.

Cluster flies particularly like west and south-facing buildings, as in autumn such properties are exposed to more sunlight and are warmer.

What you can do
They tend to enter buildings through small cracks around doors, window frames or other tiny openings. You can prevent infestations of cluster flies by physically filling in all the cracks and crevices. You also need to ensure you cover all the possibilities – utility pipes, doors, siding and behind chimneys and you could also install insect screens or mosquito nets over air vents. But this could all be time consuming and costly.

PestFix offers some simple solutions that will rid you of this autumnal nuisance:

Firstly, you can try a knock-down agent or a smoke bomb treatment, which are extremely effective, such as Insecto Smoke Generators or Bayer Coopex Smoke Generators. They contain permethrin, a fumigation chemical that has low mammal toxicity, making them safe for human inhabitants, and pet cats and dogs. These products can be used against all flying insects, including cluster flies.

They come ready to use and have a highly-penetrative smoke which will give you fast, effective results. The clean smoke leaves no unsightly deposit, tainting or residual odour and there is no risk of environmental contamination which means they are ideal for use in public hygiene situations, including food handling.

Alternatively, you can use knock-down agents, such as,

Insecto fly and wasp destroyer. Its the strongest amateur use fly killer in the UK. With its formula of 0.25 percent permethrin and 0.25 percent tetramethrin, this kills flies instantly. You spray the aerosol directly at the insects to kill them, but it will also work is applied to surfaces such as the cracks and crevices cluster flies use to enter buildings.

You can also try a Cluster Box which you add to a kill grid unit. It replaces the standard catch tray and cluster flies drop from the kill grid into the Cluster Box. With a huge 10 litre capacity it is designed to cope with heavy cluster fly infestations. It has a robust all stainless steel construction, its corrosion resistant and washable. This is ideal for use in combating cluster fly infestations in: attics, lofts, stairwells, lightwells and atriums.

If you would like some further information about cluster flies or to discuss your infestation, please call our team now on 01903 538 488 or email:


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