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Heathrow Airport to Employ Lasers for Bird Control 30/05/2017

Heathrow Airport now trialling an Agrilaser Autonomic 200 system on one of their cargo halls in close proximity to runway 09R / 27L.
The building is over 200m long and 50m wide and has a problem with Herring Gulls and Black Backed Gulls roosting and attempting to nest on the roof which is under 250m from the centre line of the runway. If left unchecked this could pose serious risk of bird strikes.
Traditional methods of bird control had proven ineffective or labour intensive, plus the fragile roof is not strong enough to be walked on. Options available to the airport to effectively control these problem birds were limited and included netting, nest and egg removal and shooting the birds. All of these were considered either too expensive, too hazardous or unethical.

The Agrilaser Autonomic 200 is being trialled for 2 months during peak nesting season to assess its effectiveness at keeping the gulls at bay. Autonomic 200’s ability to protect the roof from one single service point was a huge attraction for the airport. The laser is mounted on one of only two safe areas which can be walked on, a steel gantry that is used to support air conditioning plant. From this single point the laser can span the entire 12,000 square metre roof area.
PestFix Installation Partner, NBC Environment, oversaw and managed the installation and will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and management of the laser throughout its lifecycle.

For further information regarding the Agrilaser Autonomic click here or contact our customer service team on 01903 538488.


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