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New Humane Solution for Small Birds 17/02/2017

PestFix has a new solution for small birds - the Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap Door. It is a simple device that can be used to humanely capture sparrows and other small birds when they infest small spaces.

Due to their size, small birds are often able to gain entry to buildings where they can wreak havoc and be very destructive. For retailers, clothing and food stuff affected by bird droppings need to be destroyed. This activity can create considerable losses and bad publicity.

More seriously, a supermarket with a bird infestation faces immediate closure from environmental health officers if it is not pro-active in dealing with this serious public health issue.

The Sparrow Trap Door has been developed over three years and tested extensively. It can be used for all small bird species, such as wagtails, robins and sparrows. The Sparrow Trap Door features a small platform that can be made welcoming to birds with food and it looks more like a feeder than a trap. Birds will stand on the platform happily eating until they press down on the perch. The pressure will make the floor give way under them and they will fall into the ventilated box.

When a bird is trapped in the box, it will stay quiet and calm until it can be safely released outside. Food and water can be left inside to keep the bird well. Releasing the bird is simple – open the trap door and it can fly out.

A songbird lure can be added. The lure plays the house sparrow’s call and specifically lures them to the live capture trap.

The Sparrow Trap Door can be used in concert venues, shopping malls, airport terminal buildings, airport hangars, exhibition halls and any large public structure.

Dan England, Director of PestFix, says: “We are very proud of the Sparrow Trap Door. We carried out a lot of research to ensure that this product is fit for purpose and an effective solution to a common problem. Pest controllers and facilities managers will find the Sparrow Trap Door easy to use and it should be placed high up in the facility near the most recent bird activity. The Trap Door is a product that will appeal to facilities’ customers too because it offers a humane solution to bird infestation.”

To find out more about the Sparrow Trap Door Click Here


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