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Original To Nature Bird Free Gel is back in the UK from Jeon Jin Bio 09/09/2013

PestFix is pleased to announce that it has become the sole UK distributor of the original patented "To Nature" Bird Free Gel from Korean manufacturer Jeon Jin Bio Co.

Following a brief absence from the UK market in the earlier in 2013, after the original distributor/importer changed to a different brand, regular installers of the product will be pleased to hear that the "To Nature" brand of Bird Free Gel is here to stay at PestFix.

To Nature Bird Free Gel holds a letter of derogation from the HSE in the UK stating that is exempt from the Biocidal Products Directive and is regarded as "food grade" making it safe for both amateur and professional use in a diverse range of bird infestation situations.

Bird Free gel is a revolutionary product which targets all four senses of the bird and it is completely food-grade. It is harmless to birds and does not damage buildings. You can use Bird Free anywhere and it will last up to 24 months. Installation is easy and cleaning is effortless. It is used to repel most types of unwanted birds from man-made structures when applied correctly.

Jeon Jin Bio's To Nature Bird Free Gel came runner up in last year's Pest Magazine New Product Awards 2012. See Issue 24 November & December 2012 Pest Magazine Award Winners 2012.

The majority of other gels on the market are tactile gels, using a single sense, touch. This gel however is a multi-sensory gel (visual, olfactory, taste and touch sense) which works to stimulate the birds to fly away. The gel has a secent and taste of which birds stay away from, those that do go near it have the sense of touch and amazingly the gel uses UV light technology which makes the gel appear as a small fire to the birds meaning they will keep away.

To Nature Bird Free Gel is available in 250g frame gun tubes supplied with 15 plastic dispensing dishes. Available next working day from PestFix from September 23rd, get your advance orders in now! Further details on the product can be found by clicking here.


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