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Avian Flu and Falconers. How does the Dec 6th DEFRA 30-day poultry lock-down affect you, your birds 08/12/2016

Concerned falconers are qustioning what should they do with their birds-of-prey in the face of the present 30-day hiatus from DEFRA

This dictates that all poultry and domestic pet birds be locked down and confined to quarters to keep them from making contact with wild birds.

Can falconers continue to trade / operate in the face of this present Avian Influenza threat?

Here is DEFRA's latest guidance:

Birds of prey

You can still fly birds of prey, but you should keep them away from making direct contact with (or catching) wildfowl. Keep a close watch on the health of your birds.

Good news indeed!

For full details on DEFRAs guidance on how to handle the present threat to UK bird flocks Click Here


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