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Dan England PestFix Co-Founder featured in the Financial Times today 21/07/2013

Dan England, General Manager and Co-Founder of the PestFix brand was featured in the Financial Times today when he was interviewed by F.T. Journalist Antoine Amann about the Urban Bird Control business sector, the diverse and innovative range of products that PestFix stocks, as well as how he started selling bird control products.

"Dan England, PestFix

I am a pest controller who specialises in birds in urban situations.

Birds often choose buildings and offices as places to live. It is my job to rout out the birds and push them back into their natural environment.

We use netting, spikes, ultrasonic deterrents and bio-acoustic systems that mimic the bird's own natural distress calls.

Our quirkiest product at the moment is a kite the shape of a bird of prey that scares away pigeons and seagulls.

Another nifty tool is a gel that sits on little dishes on top of a building and makes birds think the building is on fire.

Before doing this I was a headhunter recruiting for the software and financial markets. For some time I had seagulls nesting on the roof of my house that kept me up at night. I then decided to start a business that specialised in seagull control. The demand ramped up and it expanded from there. Before I knew it I had a sizable business.

The scope of my projects can range from clearing pigeon droppings from private dwellings to reducing pigeons numbers on Canterbury Cathedral. One day I got a call form a dredging and salvage company to keep seagulls of a naval dock in the Bahamas.

I enjoy my job because it's very physical and you are solving a customer's problem. It's also recession proof."


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