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NEW PRODUCT WaspBane high efficiency wasp trap 04/07/2014

PestFix are pleased to announce that we are distributing the highly sought after WaspBane wasp trap. If you have been looking for a wasp trap that a) actually traps wasps! b) does not attract further wasps to it, and c) is maintenance free making it much safer to use, then WaspBane is for you.

WaspBane is ideal for outdoor eating areas, play areas, gardens or anywhere that foraging wasps can be a nuisance.

WaspBane is a two part trap. The upper part is where the wasp enters the trap, via a uniquely designed funnel that creates a venturi effect, this spreads the pheremone lure down wind. The bottom section is the pre-baited chamber containing a sophisticated blend of 5 different powders which are designed to prolong the life of the lure to last the whole season meaning you don't have to approach the trap and recharge it whilst wasps are present.

Nuisance wasps are those worker wasps who have converted to sweet feeding after their nests have matured, and are responsible for the overwhelming majority of stings from the end of July onwards and these stings invariably happen around food or in the garden where there is no immediate sign of a nest.

When the wasp enters the bait chamber it does so via one way flap. This is designed to ensure that scouting wasps searching for food for the nest do not escape the trap and then return to the wasp nest to communicate to the worker wasps where to find the trap. This is a common problem with more traditional style wasp traps that can actually attract wasps and increase the problem rather than stop it by letting some of the wasps escape and return to the nest.

Simply add a 50:50 mix of lager and water along with 100-150ml of honey and the trap will run all season.

Every year 200,000 to 400,000 people stung by wasps seek medical attention from doctors, pharmacists, nurses and first aiders and require treatment with antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatories, and topical and systemic pain killers.

4 out of every 10 people stung will experience some degree of wasp sting induced angina.

1,000 people stung by wasps will need to be hospitalised for a range of conditions including but not limited to anaphylaxis, kidney failure, Guillain Barre syndrome, blindness, limb threatening swelling (compartment syndrome) requiring surgery, life threatening infections requiring surgery and amputation.

1,000 people stung by wasps will need to be hospitalised for wasp sting induced heart attacks.

On average 12 people will die from anaphylaxis or straight forward wasp sting poisoning.On average

1,000 to 1,400 people may be dying each year from wasp sting induced heart attacks (Kounis syndrome). Such heart attacks may occur up to 14 days after a person is stung and as such are miss diagnosed as heart attacks.

In scientific testing WaspBane reduced risk by over 97.5% compared to other wasp traps.

WaspBane - Saving Summer - Saving Lives!


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