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Cruise Company increase operating efficiency with Scarecrow Compact & Hawk Kite 27/03/2014

The Crown River Cruise Company operates sightseeing and party boats on the River Thames in London, from its base at Blackfriars Pier. When not in use, the 400 ton boats that the company operates are moored up in the centre of the Thames, against large steel barges, situated opposite the South Bank Centre and Royal Festival Hall.

Due to a large number of Herring Gulls using the boats as an overnight roost, the company was spending increasing amounts of time and money on cleaning the outside of the boats each morning, before setting out for the day's cruise schedule. The floating "island" in the middle of the Thames provided the gulls with a safe haven on which to catch forty winks. There are also a couple of floating restaurants nearby, with open waste skips on their pontoons, providing a source of food for the gulls. The problems were further compounded by regular falconry bird control operations being undertaken on the South Bank that were driving the pest birds on to the mooring barges.

Cleaning the resultant mess from the bird droppings plastered all over the pristine white boats was tying up valuable crew resources for cruise company's owners. It also presented a slip hazard and disease transfer risk to its crew members. So they approached PestFix in January to help solve the issue. PestFix's Bird Control Consultant specified the use of a solar powered Scarecrow Compact AD046 bio-acoustic bird dispersal system, on a free-standing mount NF187-2, backed up by the use of the incredibly popular self-launching Hawk Kite system VD351-KIT.

Scarecrow's well proven Compact system was employed to play back the seagull's own distress call. This causes anxiety, distressing the birds and resulting in their evacuation from the immediate vicinity of the calls. The system was powered by a deep-cycle marine battery in a weatherproof enclosure, which in turn is trickle charged from a solar panel, to give a mains free, environmentally friendly solution. To ensure the long term success of the Compact PestFix also specified the use of the Hawk Kite system, to add a credible visual threat to these distress calls. Seagulls will not go beneath the Hawk Kite which mimics a raptor bird of prey hovering above its quarry.

The results were instant and Don Ray of Circular Cruise reported that 8 weeks in there had been absolutely no staff complaints about the seagull guano build up on the boats, freeing up staff to focus on core business activities, rather than having to repeatedly clean the boats.

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