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Lincoln Cathedral sends pest Feral Pigeons back To Nature 25/03/2014

When the Works Department at Lincoln Cathedral approached PestFix for a solution to an age-old problem, To Nature Bird Free gel was specified as the go-to product.

One of the listed buildings belonging to the Dean & Chapter of Lincoln Cathedral in Castle Square that connects the stunning Cathedral site to the imposing Lincoln Castle was being refurbished. The beautiful half-timbered building serves as Lincoln's Tourist Information office. It had been plagued by Feral Pigeons roosting and nesting on lead-lined oak gutters, under the eaves, overlooking the square for many years.

Previously, attempts had been made to drive off the pigeons using anti perch spikes, but these had an unsightly appearance and a neater low profile solution was required as part of the buildings exterior renovation programme.

Original Korean JeonJinBio To Nature ultraviolet bird repellent gel was installed along the gutters and supporting brackets along with one or two other protrusions that provided perches including a bay window top.

Even as work got under way, pigeons were attempting to come in to roost and perch. However, once the specialist Korean ultraviolet gel had been dispensed into the dishes, no further pigeons were seen attempting to land on the building.

The gel dishes were bonded to the freshly installed lead on the newly installed oak gutter troughs using Soudal Surface Activator and Fix All Crystal High Tack adhesive to provide a permanent non-piercing bond for the dishes.

Allan Toyne of the Cathedral Works Department said that he had been looking for an effective Feral Pigeon deterrent that was both low profile and non-piercing so that it could be used in high profile areas of the Cathedral to deter pigeons and prevent the damage they cause with their droppings without having a visual impact on the buildings of the Cathedral and surrounding precincts.

Mr Toyne stated that JeonJinBio Ultraviolet Gel would likely become a regular feature in the Works Department's ongoing effort to keep infesting Feral Pigeons of the buildings that they care for.

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