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Home » Bayer Racumin Foam Contact Rodenticide

Bayer Racumin Foam Contact Rodenticide

Bayer Racumin Foam Contact Rodenticide
Bayer Racumin Foam Contact Rodenticide

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  • Quick and easy to apply: ready to use product
  • Takes advantage of a rodent’s grooming behaviour
  • Can be used in locations where traditional baiting methods are not possible
  • Controls Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and House mice (Mus musculus)
  • Contains 0.4% Coumatetralyl
RC001 - Bayer Racumin Foam Contact Rodenticide 500mlCall For Pricing


Innovative, flexible, effective Racumin® Foam is a new, non-bait rodenticide from Bayer; offering an alternative method to control rat and mice infestations.

This truly innovative foam formulation is Bayer’s latest development in rodent control to be introduced to the UK and Ireland. Unlike baits which are reliant on palatability for uptake, Racumin® Foam works with the rodent’s natural grooming habits and is effective as a result. When faced with difficult to access areas, Racumin® Foam can be used as part of the rodent control armoury.



Racumin® Foam is a first generation rodenticide containing the active ingredient coumatetralyl. It comes in a 500ml can with a detachable nozzle. The volume of foam in one can is 12L (500g). This should allow approximately 16 - 17 applications for rats and up to 125 applications for mice per can.

Racumin® Foam is for indoor use and can be applied in known rat runways, passages, entrance points / holes, covered tracks and wall cavities.

Racumin® Foam should be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and should be used in partnership with regular bait treatments.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Product Label

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